05 February 2014

How To Fix HP Insight Manager Agents Uninstall Hang

Uninstalling HP Insight Manager Agents from windows could be a painful job.

Often the uninstall process hangs for a long time and the fails due to cqmgserv.exe process lock.

Just kill the process cqmgserv.exe using Task Manager and the removal will run smoothly.

03 February 2014

How To Disable Out Of Office Reply for Active Directory Disabled Users using the PowerShell

In order to disable out of office replies for a disabled user in Active directory use the following power shell command:

Display settings

Get-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration user@domain.local


Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration user@domain.local –AutoReplyState Disabled –ExternalMessage $null –InternalMessage $null

You can even disable the user from EMC - deleting the AD user object.