14 January 2014

How To Rename a vSwitch in ESX 5

Using the ESX Console press F2 then Login and select the Troubleshooting menu.


Enable ESXi Shell selecting the option and pressing enter.


Now pres Alt-F1 on the keyboard.

You be presented with a Linux command prompt. Login wit root privileges and run this commands:

cd /etc/vmware

vi esx.conf


Scroll down the file or search for “name” using Esc, /name, Enter and keep hitting "n" until you find the vSwitch section you want to change.
Change the word by hitting Insert, writing the right name, and then hitting Escape.

/net/vswitch/child[0002]/name = “vSwitch3“


Now write :wq! and hit Enter to save the changes and exit.

Press Alt-F2 and disable the ESXi Shell.

Restart the host.