10 August 2013

Enable local URL FIlter Database on Sophos UTM (Astaro ASG)

First step: open an SSH connection to the astaro login  as loginuser and su to root.

To set the database as local:

cc set http sc_local_db mem

Reload the service:

/var/mdw/scripts/httpproxy restart

Verify first DB download (Web surfing will be stopped until done - about 370 MB):

ls -lh /var/chroot-http/var/pattern/sfcontrol

Verify DB settings:

cc get http sc_local_db

Command options:

cc set http sc_local_db [none,disk,mem]

none     - default, don't use local categorization at all use online query as default.
disk     - use local Database, but use it only on disk. Useful for boxes with little RAM.
mem     - use local Database, and keep it in memory for faster access.